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 Aubrac leads the way 
  • First in calving ease.

  • First in age at first calving.

  • First in calving interval

  • First in longevity

  • Developed exclusively for forage-based beef production.

  • Provides the genetic foundation for two of Europe's most successful grass-fed beef products.

  • Introduced to North America as an efficient alternative to high-growth, grain-dependent cattle.



 Welcome to Aubrac country! 

"I am certainly impressed with our Aubrac-sired calves. They are extremely vigorous at birth, calve easily, and explode with muscle after they're a week or so old. Our yearling Aubrac bull has adapted very well to our harsh fescue grass environment."
-- John Muenks, Missouri


"When you really see the Aubrac advantage is when you feed in the winter. When the snow starts to blow, our Aubrac cows get thicker and fatter, while our other cows get thinner. Our Aubrac bulls work up onto the hillsides to find forage while our other bulls from other breeds hang around the feeding ground. It's really impressive to see the forage efficiency of the Aubracs."
-- Chad Armstrong, Montana

"The Aubrac calves are livelier, more aggressive. They get up and nurse a little quicker. Plus, the Aubrac stay in condition real easy on grass. Usually when you turn cattle out on grass, they will probably lose condition some, but Aubrac actually gained condition from what they were in the yard."
-- Bob Schelhaas, Minnesota

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